Our Background
ANTHONY’S SPECIAL INVESTIGATION SERVICE or Anthony’s as it is referred to was founded in May 1970 and is licensed by the Government of the Republic of Singapore to conduct the business of private investigation and security services.

For more than 35 years, Anthony’s has carved itself a niche and built a solid reputation in the areas of private investigation and security services in the Republic of Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.

The highly skilled and competent management staff, with their wealth of experience, keen deductive powers, good technical know-how, imagination, result-oriented determination and most of all, a very good knowledge of the practical aspects of the law, have helped in providing innovative solutions when older and more established methods have failed.

Anthony’s capability of drawing on its worldwide network of sources, resources and consultants of various professions and disciplines have contributed to the success and enhanced the image of the firm. Because of its cost-effective method of operation, no assignment is too small or too large to merit their personal attention.

Our Experience
Over the years, Anthony’s has established good working relationships with a number of major organisations and multi-nationals in the Asia Pacific region. The firm continues servicing corporate clients, many of whom require a degree of sophistication that only very professional consultants are able to provide.
Anthony’s serves the hotel industry in various capacities over the years and in recent times, Anthony’s have been consulted by major hotels on special security systems which were accepted and implemented.

Anthony’s covers a wide area of investigative operations and is not limited to just Asian countries like Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Anthony’s also procures and trains personnel for different disciplines tailored to meet client requirements.

The company has an excellent track record for the past thirty-five years owing to the personal supervision, direction and dedication of the management.

Anthony’s takes pride in carrying out assignments in Singapore and other parts of Asia for various leading foreign investigation companies if they do not have a license to conduct private investigations in this region.